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Operated out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada by Michael Grant, MaDMaiL is a dial-up and internet accessible mail hub for three FTN's; Fidonet, SkyNet, and JustaXnet. The MaDMaiL HuB carries the *entire* Fidonet backbone of message echos, and all echos in SkyNet and JustaXnet. Through SkyNet, Mike also offers Internet newsgroups delivered to the sysop in an FTN-compatible format.

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Mike provides mail feeds free of charge to any member of these networks, and is willing to accomodate Fidonet points as well. Mail can be transferred via dial-up mailer/modem, The MaDMaiL FTP server, BinkP, Telnet/Virtual Mailer, TransX, UUE and IREX encodings for e-mail transfers. Mike also offers a limited selection of Fidonet Filegate file echos.

To contact Mike and arrange a mail feed, send e-mail to Michael Grant, or send a netmail to any of the following nodes:

*Fidonet - 1:134/11, 1:134/10* *SkyNet - 30:2000/0, 30:250/110* *JustaXnet - 510:501/5, 510:5120/0*

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Want to see Mike (With the Fidonet Z2C)?
I'm the short guy on the right...

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